The Tell-All Memoir From Cult Reporter Be Scofield  

"Into the Wild" meets "Wild Wild Country" meets #MeToo Movement 

Journalist Be Scofield traveled the country at times living in her car or hitchiking while shutting down dangerous cults & exposing sexual abuse in spiritual communities. Her indy reporting garnered over a million views, international press coverage & led to three documentaries. She's faced lawsuits, death threats & online attacks. Mother Justice is the rivetting & mysterious account of her journey. 

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When transgender reporter Be Scofield headed West to the Sedona desert in October of 2017 she desperately wanted to heal. Her astrologer told her to arrive by her birthday to set the solar return energy for the upcoming year. Upon arriving a set of mysterious circumstances led her to infiltrate the group of a young self-made guru named Bentinho Massaro and expose his cult ambitions. Her article "Tech Bro Guru" went viral getting over 200,000 views in a few weeks. Nine days after she published, one of Bentinho's close students committed suicide while on his retreat. Bentinho fled Sedona 18 days after the story was published and went into hiding, leaving his large following and staff members behind. VICE & Barcroft have since published documentaries on Bentinho. 

One year later to the exact day she showed up on Orcas Island and another mysterious cult story appeared. Once again her astrologer told her to arrive on her birthday to set the solar return energy. This time she found herself investigating and reporting on the mysterious death of Carla Jean Shaffer who died under suspicious circumstances in 2006. Carla had been trying to leave the cult of Aaravindha Himadra.  

Since that first trip to Sedona, her reporting on cults and abusive teachers has received over 1 million views, international news coverage and led to three documentaries. She has exposed rampant sexual abuse in the tantra community and shut down large cults such as Agama Yoga in Thailand. Her articles have changed the way people understand modern spirituality. 

Part spiritual journey, part investigative reporting, Mother Justice is Scofield's powerful and sometimes tragic tell-all memoir.