"Be is The Anti-Cult Hero of the Digital Era" - Anke Richter 

Be Scofield, founder of Gurumag.com, is one of the most prominent reporters in the world exposing cults. Her articles have over 1 million views in the last 1.5 years and have led to international coverage, documentaries & the shutting down of some of the largest cults. Stories based on her work have appeared on CNN, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Playboy, VICE, CBC, Die Zeit, The New Zealand Herald and more. Over 75 news articles in 40 countries have been based on Be's original reporting. She is represented by the prestigious United Talent Agency and is receiving pro bono legal representation by the corporate law firm Davis Wright Tremaine against a frivalous cult lawsuit. She was recently featured in a front page profile on Fair Observer. 

Be regularly receives invitations to appear in the media including from The Dr. Phil Show, Leah Remini's A&E Cult Series, movie networks, documentary film makers and producers. 


"Chills all over! Incredible..." "This is remarkable..." "Powerful and intriguing..." "Astounding work..." "Fucking awesome..." 

Was Carla Jean Shaffer Murdered on Orcas Island? 

Read Be Scofield's riveting expose about the suspicious cult related death of Carla Jean Shaffer 13 years ago on Orcas Island. She had discovered a "dark side" to Aaravinda Himadra's group and wanted out.  


Watch the Documentaries Based on Be Scofield's Work

Inside the Thai Spiritual Haven Run by an Alleged Sexual Abuser

‘Cult’ Leader Claims He Can Change The Weather

“The cult phenomenon is real, it’s harmful, and we need people like her who can give it a voice.” 

- Alexandra Stein, author of Terror, Love and Brainwashing  

Playboy Article Based on Be's Original Reporting

Playboy Magazine published an expose on Bentinho Massaro, based on Be Scofield's "Tech Bro Guru" story. 

de Volkskrant Publishes Front Page Article on The New Tantra Based on Be's Expose

Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant did an in-depth profile on Alex Vartman's The New Tantra based off of Be's original story "The Mad Hatter."

Professional Praise

Alexandra Stein, PhD

Britain’s leading academic studying cults and author of Terror, Love & Brainwashing

“The cult phenomenon is real, it’s harmful, and we need people like her who can give it a voice.”

Dr. Kelly Brogan M.D.

NYT Bestselling Author of a Mind of Your Own

“Be is a highly skilled digital strategist who brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Whether you’re planning an e-course, e-book, web redesign, or product launch you’ll definitely want her eyes on it. I highly recommend her.”

Matthew Remski ERYT500

Author of Practice and All is Coming: Abuse, Cult Dynamics, and Healing in Yoga and Beyond

“Be is a survivor telling survivor stories in the first way they ever get heard: by someone who knows that where there’s smoke there’s fire, and who knows that trauma will only be disclosed if it is believed. Every established fact begins as an intuition, and Be’s intuition is lit.”

Anke Richter


“Be is the anti-cult hero of the digital era."

ICSA Presenter

Speaker at the International Cultic Studies Association

“Absolutely invaluable...She is cutting off the head of the snake of various cults.”

Be Scofield's New Book

TOXIC SPIRITUALITY: Abuse, Delusion and Denial in New Age Culture

An important analysis of modern new age spiritual culture and its leaders

MORE PEOPLE THAN EVER BEFORE are ditching traditional religions and turning to self-proclaimed gurus and spiritual teachers for answers. While this move has its benefits it has also given rise to a number of cult-like groups and "Instagram Gurus" that have used Youtube and Facebook to recruit followers. We now find ourselves in a modern spiritual crisis plagued by rampant sex abuse scandals in yoga and Buddhism, belief systems that are rooted in denying our humanity and teachers who are exploiting vulnerable seekers for money. These structures and paradigms are now quickly collapsing. Toxic Spirituality is the first to look at how we got here and where we are going. 

Drawing from years of research, the book both critiques and explains in simple terms the ideas of established teachers like Byron Katie, Abraham Hicks, Marianne Williamson, Mooji and Eckhart Tolle in addition to emerging leaders like Teal Swan and Bentinho Massaro. An in-depth examination of their videos, talks and books reveal shocking statements, wild claims and delusional spiritual ideas that distract us from social change efforts and leave us confused. With sections on Agama, Shambala, Pattabhi Jois, Orgasmic Meditation and Ken Wilber's Integral scene the book also explores the cultic abuse in modern yoga, Buddhist and Tantra communities.  

New Atheists such as Sam Harris have done a good job of exposing religious dogmatism but we are long overdue for a critique of the abuse and delusion in modern new age spiritual culture. Toxic Spirituality is the book we've been waiting for.

Press Coverage


Be Scofield’s independent reporting has received over 1 million views in the last 1-2 years alone and stories have been written based on her work in front page articles on The Guardian, CNN, Daily Mail, CBC, New Zealand Herald, Die Zeit and more. Coverage of her work has garnered millions of views worldwide and has led to the shutting down of large cults and exposing widespread sexual abuse within the tantra scene. Barcroft TV and VICE produced short documentaries about Bentinho Massaro as a result of her story on him. In total there are over 75 stories written in 40 countries based on Be’s work.  


BARCROFT: ‘Cult’ Leader Claims He Can Change The Weather  

VICE: The Controversial Guru Who Wants to ‘Upgrade Civilization’  

JEZEBEL: Inside the Thai Spiritual Haven Run by an Alleged Sexual Abuser  


PLAYBOY: When Spirituality Goes Viral (Bentinho Massaro)  

THE GUARDIAN: ‘Under Swami’s spell’: 14 tourists claim sexual assault by guru at Thai yoga retreat  

DE VOLKSKRANT: If tantra tends to sexual abuse: five former students about The New Tantra

TOOFAB: From Wu-Tang to HBO to Spokesman for the Gods  

THE GUARDIAN: Thailand’s Agama yoga school to close after sexual assault claims  

THE DAILY MAIL: Meet the glamorous American cult leader nicknamed the Gucci Guru  

CNN GREECE: Thailand: Guru yoga is accused of raping his disciples  

AZCENTRAL: Bentinho Massaro’s Sedona Experiment: How the search for enlightenment led to a digital cult  

NEW ZEALAND HERALD: Kiwis speak about yoga leader, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, at Thailand yoga retreat Agama  

CBC: ‘It was brainwashing’: Canadian speaks out about yoga guru accused of sexual assault  

COSTA RICA STAR: Controversial U.S “Spiritual Guru” Teal Swan Will Offer Workshops at her Costa Rica Center in July  

DE ZEIT: Namaste, My Rapist  


COCONUTS.CO: Being Broken: Years of Sexual Abuse Alleged at Agama Yoga  

THE THAIGER: Agama Yoga on Koh Phangan raided by Thai police  

KO PHANGAN NEWS: Agama Yoga Center on Koh Pha-Ngan raided by Thai Military and Police  

KO PHANGAN NEWS: Agama Yoga Founder Swami Vivekananda accused of sexual assault  

THE THAIGER: Agama Yoga founder Swami Vivkenanda accused of sexual assault  

KO PHANGAN NEWS: Agama Yoga founder flees amidst sexual assault accusations  

ZONE SAMUI: Women blame Koh Phangan yoga teacher for sexual assault 

EESTI EKSPRESS (7/25/18): Students blame Tantra Guru for Abusive Practices & Rape& 

OHTULEHT (7/25/18): Students Blame Tantra Guru for Rape  

DELFI (7/27/18): The world-famous guru is accused of sexual harassment

Original Reporting


In just under 2 years Be Scofield's indy journalism received over 1 million views, led to 75 news articles in 40 countries and three short documentaries. Originally published on Medium.com, her work now appears on her own platform www.gurumag.com.


Becoming God: Inside Mooji's Portugal Cult  

The Mad Hatter: Inside Alex Vartman’s “The New Tantra”

Aaravindha Himadra and the Mysterious Orcas Island Death of Carla Jean Shaffer 

Tech Bro Guru: Inside Bentinho Massaro's Sedona Cult

The Gucci Guru: Inside Teal Swan’s Posh Cult

The Yoga Barn Guru: Inside Uma Inder’s Bali Cult

Spiritual Bypassing Guru Robert Augustus Masters Was an Abusive Cult Leader

OZ Actor Gano Grills Claims to Be God, Starts Cult called Galighticus

How a Cult Infiltrated the California Institute of Integral Studies  

Integral Abuse: Andrew Cohen & The Culture of Evolutionary Enlightenment


Women Accuse Agama Yoga Founder Swami Vivekananda Saraswati of Sexual Assault

The Divine Madman: Inside Shantam Nityama’s “Tantric Sex Cult”

Source Tantra Continues Working with TJ Bartel Despite Sex Abuse Allegations

Calls Emerge for Source Tantra to Close Amidst Sex Abuse Scandal

Tantra Teacher Andrew Barnes Accused of Rape and Sexual Abuse


Ashevillage: Where Dreams Go to Die

New Age Transphobia: Asheville Beltane Evolves 

Medium.com Bans Journalist Be Scofield After Sex-Cult Expose

About Be Scofield

BE SCOFIELD IS ONE OF the most prominent reporters in the world exposing cults. She has traveled the country, mysteriously ending up discovering cults or abusive leaders and exposing them. Her independently published articles have over 1 million views in the last 1-2 years and have led to international coverage, documentaries & the shutting down of some of the largest cults in the world. Stories based on her work have appeared on CNN, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Playboy, VICE, CBC, Die Zeit, The New Zealand Herald and more. She is represented by the prestigious United Talent Agency


In December 2017 Be infiltrated Bentinho Massaro’s cult and published an article that went viral called “Tech Bro Guru: Inside the Sedona Cult of Bentinho Massaro.” In two weeks it got 200,000 views. 18 days after it was published he fled Sedona and went into hiding. One of his followers committed suicide 9 days after the story was published while he was on Bentinho’s week-long retreat. Barcroft TV and VICE each produced short documentaries about Bentinho as a result of her story. Playboy magazine also ran an article about him.  

SEX ABUSE IN THE TANTRA SCENE In July 2018 Be exposed a rape and sexual assault scandal at Agama Yoga in Thailand. Having been in place for over 20-years the school was one of the largest yoga training centers in the world with thousands of students coming through each year. Four days after the expose was published, the founder, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati and the other 3 accused teachers fled the island and went into hiding. In September, The Guardian ran a front-page story about Agama Yoga which got 300,000 views in the first week. Over 50 stories appeared in over 20 countries worldwide. Agama Yoga effectively shut down in September of 2018.  

Be’s articles exposing sexual abuse in the modern tantra scene have reached global audiences and put several prominent teachers into retirement. She wrote an in-depth story on a tantric sex cult in Europe called The New Tantra and exposed teachers Andrew Barnes, TJ Bartel and Shantam Nityama as sexual abusers.  

Exactly one year to the date after Be went to Sedona and discovered Bentinho she went to Orcas Island and stumbled upon the story of Carla Jean Shaffer, a woman who mysteriously died under suspicious circumstances 13 years ago. She may have been leaving a cult called “Children of the Light” at the time. The article uncovers clues, facts and information that help shed light on her mysterious death. Story: Aaravindha Himadra and the Mysterious Orcas Island Death of Carla Jean Shaffer.  

Be also published a comprehensive examination of the claims by spiritual leader Teal Swan. The article “The Gucci Guru: Inside Teal Swan’s Posh Cult” went viral and ended up being covered on the front page of the Daily Mail where it received hundreds of thousands of views. The article led to significant coverage of Swan in the media, including an article on VICE and a podcast series called The Gateway.  

In her article “How a Cult Infiltrated the California Institute of Integral Studies” she describes the harrowing account of leaving and exposing a personality cult in her graduate program in 2007. The husband and wife team were fired after a commission was convened to investigate. They found a “cult-like” atmosphere in which patients were in danger.  

The story “Ashevillage: Where Dreams Go to Die” recounts her experience at an all women’s eco-urban permaculture community in 2015. It was run by Janell Kapoor, who was exposed for abusing and traumatizing residents and workers for nearly 10 years.  

In 2013 she was the first to break the story about the depth of transphobia within Derrick Jensen’s Deep Green Resistance movement. The article led to public outcry and spurned numerous actions, petitions and other articles. As a result, Earth First! Journal Collective, Greenpeace USA, Rising Tide North America and other organizations signed an open letter to prevent Deep Green Resistance co-founder Lierre Keith from publicly speaking at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC).  

In 2010 she published the article “Integral Abuse: Andrew Cohen & the Culture of Evolutionary Enlightenment” which exposed the rampant abuse amongst integral leadership. It’s now considered a classic on the site Integral World where it first appeared.  

Be started writing as an intern at Rabbi Michael Lerner’s Tikkun Magazine in 2008. When they launched a blog she jumped at the opportunity and slowly built a large audience with her provocative articles about atheism, spirituality, religion and social change. She became the most read blogger for the Tikkun Daily blog before leaving to start Decolonizing Yoga.  

Decolonizing Yoga was founded in 2013 as a way to bridge the gap between modern spirituality and social change. The site pioneered the modern movement towards inclusivity of race, class, gender and justice in spirituality and yoga.  

Other stories include exposes on Padma Aon, Gano Grills, Uma Inder, and many more.

Contact Be Scofield

CONTACT BE SCOFIELD: shaktihunter123 @ gmail.com. Feel free to send story suggestions, media requests, comments or feedback. 


Please support this life-changing work. Be Scofield has shut down and exposed some of the largest cults in the world with very little resources. She currently lives in hiding as a result. 

You can send money via paypal: mettaversity@gmail.com  

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